Good Game: BioShock (PC)

A Good Game a day for the rest of time perhaps?

Today it’s BioShock a 2007 first-person shooter video game developed by 2K Boston and 2K Australia, and published by 2K Games for Microsoft Windows and consoles. The game’s concept was developed by Ken Levine, and was based on the ideas promulgated by Ayn Rand, while incorporating influences from other authors such as George Orwell.

The game is considered a spiritual successor to the System Shock series, on which many of the team including Ken Levine had worked previously on.

BioShock is set in 1960. The player guides the protagonist, Jack, after his airplane crashes in the ocean near the bathysphere terminus that leads to the underwater city of Rapture. Built by the business magnate Andrew Ryan, the city was intended to be an isolated utopia, but the discovery of ADAM, a genetic material which can be used to grant superhuman powers, initiated the city’s turbulent decline.

Jack tries to find a way to escape, fighting through hordes of ADAM-obsessed enemies, and the iconic, deadly Big Daddies, while engaging with the few sane humans that remain and eventually learning of Rapture’s past.

The player, as Jack, is able to defeat foes in a number of ways by using weapons, utilizing plasmids that give unique powers, and by turning Rapture’s own defenses against them. BioShock includes elements of role-playing games, giving the player different approaches in engaging enemies such as by stealth, as well as moral choices of saving or killing characters.

BioShock received critical acclaim and was particularly praised by critics for its morality-based storyline, immersive environments, and its unique setting, and is considered to be one of the greatest video games of all time and a demonstration of video game as an art form. It received several Game of the Year awards from different media outlets, including from BAFTA.

Since its release a direct sequel has been released, BioShock 2 by 2K Marin, as well as a third game titled BioShock Infinite by Irrational Games. A remastered version of the game was released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 13th September 2016, as part of BioShock: The Collection, along with BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite.

Watch the video I made below showing about the first 43 minutes of the game.


BioShock Gameplay.

Developer: 2K Boston, 2K Australia.
Publisher: 2K Games.
Platform: Microsoft Windows.
Release : 21st August 2007 (NA), 24th August 2007 (EU).
Genre: First-person shooter.