Good Game: Battle Brothers (PC)

A Good Game a day for the rest of time perhaps?

Today it’s Battle Brothers a 2017 turn-based tactical role-playing game developed and published by Overhype Studios for Microsoft Windows (PC) which has you leading a mercenary company in a gritty, low-power, medieval fantasy world. You can decide where to go, whom to hire or to fight, what contracts to take and how to train and equip your men in a procedurally generated open world campaign.

The game consists of a strategic world map and a tactical combat layer. On the world map you can freely travel in order to take contracts that earn you money, find places worth looting, enemies worth pursuing or towns to resupply and hire men at. This is also where you manage, level up and equip your Battle Brothers. Once you engage a hostile party the game will switch to a tactical map where the actual fighting takes place as detailed turn based combat.

The game came through Steam’s Early Access program.

Watch the video I made below showing about the first 41 minutes of the game.


Battle Brothers Gameplay.

Developer: Overhype Studios.
Publisher: Overhype Studios.
Platform: Microsoft Windows (PC).
Release : 24th March 2017.
Genre: Turn-based tactics, Role-playing.