Good Game: Resident Evil Gaiden (GBC)

A Good Game a day for the rest of time perhaps?

Today it’s Resident Evil Gaiden, a 2001 action-adventure game co-developed by Capcom and M4 and published by Virgin Interactive for Game Boy Color (GBC). The story revolves around a viral outbreak on a passenger ship and has Leon S. Kennedy and Barry Burton return as protagonists.

The game was received generally unfavorably by critics, the game marks a departure from other entries in the series, as areas are explored with the playable character seen from a top-down perspective, with battles fought in first-person view.

The game features three playable characters and consists of exploring areas, collecting items and combating enemies in the process. Unlike previous entries in the series, Resident Evil Gaiden assumes a top-down perspective for the environment portions that, upon approaching an enemy, changes to a first-person combat mode with a reticle constantly moving to the left and right. To attack, the player has to press the action button while the reticle is in range of the enemy.

Watch the video I made below showing about the first 26 minutes of the game.


Resident Evil Gaiden Gameplay.

Developer: Capcom and M4.
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Platform: Game Boy Color.
Release : 14th December 2001 (EU), 29th March 2002 (JP), 3rd June 2002 (NA).
Genre: Action-adventure.