Good Game: Grand Theft Auto (PS)

A Good Game a day for the rest of time perhaps?

Today it’s Grand Theft Auto a 1997 open world action-adventure video game developed by DMA Design and published by BMG Interactive for MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation (PS). It is the first instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series, a series that has sold more than 150 million units as of September 2013.

The story follows a group of criminals in three fictionalised versions of US cities as they perform bank robberies, assassinations, and other crimes for their respective syndicates. The game was originally intended to be named Race’n’Chase and to be developed for the Commodore Amiga, starting in 1996. However, it was nearly cancelled due to production issues.

Its successor, Grand Theft Auto 2, was released in September 1999.

Watch the video I made below showing about the first 23 minutes of the game.


Grand Theft Auto Gameplay.

Developer: DMA Design.
Publisher: BMG Interactive.
Platform: PlayStation.
Release : 12th December 1997 (EU), 30th June 1998 (NA).
Genre: Action-adventure, Open world.