Total War: Warhammer Officially Announced

What Total War: Warhammer might look like (Medieval II: Total War).
What Total War: Warhammer might look like (Medieval II: Total War Mod).

Video game publishers SEGA and developers The Creative Assembly announced on Thursday that they are teaming up with Games Workshop to make Total War: Warhammer. It has been known since 2012 that they were making a Warhammer based game but they have finally announced it.


Total War: Warhammer Announcement Cinematic Trailer.

I haven’t checked but people have made Total War mods with Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings franchises so I will be surprised if their isn’t an unofficial one about somewhere (just looked, yeah they have. Its called Total War – A Call To Arms and came out around 2012).

Like I said in 2012: “All the Creative Assembly have to do is replace the skins of one of their old Total War games with Warhammer skins and it probably be good (maybe someone already has?). Of course it be even better if it’s an original game in its own right with elements taken from their previous games.” Of course they won’t just do that but expect it to be pretty familiar to previous games but now with massive creatures, flying units, war machines, and magic. If you have played the excellent King Arthur – The Role-playing Wargame then it will probably be very similar to that but with more polish and scale.

Total War: Warhammer will have several races to play as (Humans, Dwarfs, Elves, Lizardmen, Orcs and Goblins, Choas, the Skaven, the Undead and the Ogre Kingdoms) which is quite a big change from the usual focus on country or faction choices in games like the Total War franchise but expect their to be the usual Warhammer countries also in the game (The Old World, The Empire, Bretonia, Albion, Cathay, Nippon, Araby, and The Kingdoms of Ind). The game will as always feature massive real-time battles and turn based campaign gameplay.

The game will be: “The first in an epic trilogy of titles, Total War: Warhammer will deliver hundreds of hours of absorbing gameplay. It will combine with two further standalone instalments and additional content packs to create the single largest Total War experience ever.” So expect plenty of cosmetic and new unit DLC and standalone games like the recent Attila: Total War.

Games Worshop is like Lego a massive well of possible DLC and games which is good and bad, just look at what happened with Dawn of War II. Its confusing and time-consuming keeping up with it all.

I am a fan of Games Worshop and The Creative Assembly, with them coming together It can only be good a thing, however Games Workshop licence out their intellectually properties like a vending machine with no plastic window. The game will probably turn out ok but I am getting a bit worried that there is so many Total War games these days that I won’t have time to play them and that the quality isn’t there. I haven’t played a Total War game properly since Napoleon: Total War and even that seemed like an unnecessary release.

Total War: Warhammer will likely come out sometime in 2016 for PC, Mac and SteamOS.

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