What to Watch (02/04/15): Giant Bomb Live Stream of PlayStation Home Closure

This bit was hilarious when they discovered a half man, half cup, doing the sandwhich dance.
Was hilarious when they discovered a half man, half cup, doing the sandwich dance.

With Sony Computer Entertainment’s London Studio developed PlayStation Home closing on the 31st March, Giant Bomb (here) did a free (was going to be premium) live stream of them messing about it in the online virtual world. It started at 8.00pm (UK) and was very entertaining. It is now available to watch on Giant Bomb’s website, YouTube, and Twitch channel.


(Click the image to see a larger version).

A still image of the lievstream.
A still image of the live stream.

You can watch the edited YouTube version of Giant Bomb’s PlayStation Home live stream below.


You Can’t Go PlayStation Home Again.

I never tried out PlayStation Home but it looked like it was doing some interesting things for a console online virtual world. It’s similar to applications like Second Life but without the mature content and less freedom but had some good and bad ideas of its own. Maybe if it was released on the PlayStation 4 now it would stand out more with the lack of major games and ideas out at the moment from both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Also PlayStation Home apparently had 41 million members, while most weren’t active, it is still quit an impressive number.

It will likely be a long time before we see another similar online virtual world on a games console (if you count out games like Grand Theft Auto V) but at least now this gives SCE’s London Studio an opportunity to make a sequel or remake of Porsche Challenge which was a cool and fun racing game they released in April 1997 for the PlayStation.

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