Twenty New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots and The Second Trailer. Also My Thoughts on The Games Potential

Wooden characters once again plague the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Rockstar Games has today released its second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, its unrealistic crime simulator. There has also been a ton of screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V released recently too. I am also going to talk about what I think about the game so far.


Grand Theft Auto V Official Second Trailer.


(Click an image to see a larger version).

After watching the latest trailer several things come to mind. I am seeing a lot of similarities between Grand Theft Auto V and the Ocean’s film franchise (Ocean 11 and so on) also a lot of the game so far is reminding me a lot of the Kane & Lynch franchise. This is probably intentional and they are using similar themes but It’s not very orignal idea is it? They probably have to do a heist because that’s always in vogue. However several games and films try the heist motif but few do it well. The classic Michael Mann’s Heat and the excellent The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan are good example of well executed heist films. Good video game examples are the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 “No Russian” level which gives a good heist feel and of course the Kane & Lynch franchise and Payday: The Heist are the closest most are going to get to doing it in real life.

Despite saying this I doubt Grand Theft Auto V will be more memorable than those two pieces of well made films I mentioned above but I am still looking forward to it. If anything the soundtrack in Grand Theft Auto games are always worth checking out and this latest Grand Theft Auto game might finally beat Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in terms of sand box and modding potential. People are still doing crazy things in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Also it seems like it won’t take itself to seriously. That is a bit of a disappointment as it would be nice to see if Rockstar North could pull of a serious game for once. Even Red Dead Redemption which I admire a lot is very cartoonish in its depiction of the era its set in. Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis doesn’t count as a serious game so I guess that’s what the market wants, a game that is unrealistic but more grounded than the Saints Row franchise which doesn’t really make much sense.

I am sure most video game critics will score it above a 90 however when it finally comes out.

Rockstar North should just remake Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

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