Worth Reading: 29th October to 04th November 2012

A week dominated by announcements.

This is a weekly post I do where I highlight some of the posts I have done which you might have missed over the last week. Its been a week all about exciting new announcements. This post is a very late this week.

Week 29/10/12 to 04/11/12:


  • None.




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  • None.

The week overview:

Eating: Mini Cheddars.

Drinking: King Tango Orange.

Listening to: Nothing in particular.

Playing: World of Warcraft, Hotline Miami and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.

Watching: The Yogscast and Giant Bomb videos.

My post of the week: Hotline Miami and First Update is Available. Also Three Trailers and Some of My Thoughts on The Game and The Walt Disney Company Now Owns Lucasfilm with New Star Wars Episode VII in Three Years. Also My Thoughts.

Look forward to: I got a few ideas if I have the time.

Check Worth Reading next week for the best posts of the week.

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