Hotline Miami and First Update is Available. Also Three Trailers and Some of My Thoughts on The Game

Blinded by the hot Miami lights and music.

The excellent 80s Miami, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, American Psycho, Drive inspired game Hotline Miami came out last week and I just got round to mentioning it now. It’s a very violent game but one that makes you think of how to solve the various puzzle like rooms and what the heck is going on around you. Is it a dream? drug and/or alcohol induced mayhem, are you a cop?, a hitman? or just someone out to get revenge? I am still trying to work it out as I play through.

Maybe I like the game so much because it reminds me of the original Grand Theft Auto game with its overhead perspective or maybe because it reminds me of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (The best 3D Grand Theft Auto) with all the pink and rocking dance tracks. Whatever the case its a kind of game that Rockstar Games think they are making but havent since the original DMA Design (Rockstar North) Grand Theft Auto. Also I love 80s dance music so that probably helps too.


Hotline Miami Launch Trailer

Hotline Miami The Masks trailer

Hotline Miami Trailer “Wear something fancy

The soundtrack is well done and suit the game style and atmosphere. It makes the game feel more alive and helps sell the universe you are in. With out the music the game wouldn’t feel right.

Drive Movie Clip “Getaway

This clip from the film Drive perfectly demonstrates how the right music can make a simple thing even more effective and give the right mood. This is the same for Hotline Miami without the right music the whole experience wouldn’t feel right.

Hotline Miami and Drive have a lot in common, for example the music and style in both are similar.

Hotline Miami First Update

Update was released on the 26th October 2012.

  • Visual C++ package has been remade – to make it work correctly make sure you uninstall, reinstall the game (through Steam), let Steam install new driver and restart the computer.
  • Achievements are now working when you select “Yes” to enable Steamworks.
  • Remapping keys are now available with movement and restart.
  • Game can now run in lower resolutions.
    Masks perks have been fixed and tweaked.
  • Game saving grade on the wrong stage have been fixed.
  • Most reported bugs have been taken care of and should not cause more trouble.
  • Controller will work in the next update.

People who like any of the references I made in this post should defiantly check this game out, it doesn’t cost much (£6.99) and is bound to win tons of game of the year awards type things when those come rolling around and deservedly so.

I will probably do a review and some guides for Hotline Miami sometime soon.

Some of my other opinions: