Steam Quakecon Sale: Final Day Deals are Available

The quake is coming to a close.

Over on the ever rampaging Steam, to celebrate the gaming event Quakecon, you can currently save some money on various games from id Software and Bethesda Softworks each day from 2nd August to 6th August at 10am Pacific Time.

As it is the final day save 75% on all id Software titles.

Also you can pick up the Quakecon Bundle which is a collection of all released id and Bethesda Softworks titles for lower than normal prices. It normally costs £294.59 for the whole bundle but it is currently £69.99 which means you save 76%.

Pre-purchasers of Dishonored (which isn’t available in all regions) will receive an additional discount on the Quakecon Bundle.

Quakecon Bundle extras

Free items for Team Fortress 2:

  • “The Original”.
  • “Wingstick”.
  • “Dragonborn Helmet”.
  • “The Anger”.
  • “Pip-Boy”.

Chances are most people will already own some of the games in the Quakecon Bundle therefore you can either gift the extra copies to your friends or the more expensive but logical thing to do would to buy the games you want from the list. This is because who wants a ton of games you wont ever play just because its cheaper than normally, buy the ones you want now and get the others you want next time there is a Steam sale. So instead of paying £69.99 you will probably spend around £20.00 at the most depending on what you buy of course.

I like that Steam has a lot of sales but it’s just getting too much. It’s either for a games you don’t care about or the discount is a fake one, in other words the game is cheap as chips while the DLC is still the same price therefore if you want the game and all DLC its going to cost you quite a bit. My advice is don’t buy the whole Quakecon Bundle.

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