Battlefield 3 Now has Over 1.3 Million Premium Members

Look at how happy he is and they say war is hell.

Electronic Arts announced yesterday that Battlefield 3 Premium subscriptions have passed way over the one million mark. According to Electronic Arts fiscal report for the first financial quarter of 2013, the number of Battlefield 3 Premium subscriptions our around 1.3 million. Last month around 800,000 players had signed up for Battlefield 3 Premium in its first two weeks of availability.

Call of Duty Elite subscribers pay an annual fee of $49.99 (£32.00) while Battlefield 3 Premium’s fee is a one time payment of $49.99 which gives access to all five Battlefield 3 DLC packs with early access to maps and exclusive items.

You can see why Battlefield 3 subscription plan may see more attractive. I rather pay a one time fee than have to pay an annual one. However saying that with the Battlefield 3 Premium you only get five different DLC while Call of Duty Elite players probably get more in the long run but they have to pay more for it.

I rather pay for the DLC as it comes available seeing as I might not want all DLC for that particular game. I havent played Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 2 and I feel the series when down hill after Call of Duty 4. On the other hand I enjoy Battlefield 3 but I havent played that much since after their first DLC came out so both subscription services don’t appeal to me.

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