Four New Resident Evil 6 San Diego Comic-Con Videos

Resident Evil Uncharted.

Capcom held a discussion panel for Resident Evil over at the San Diego Comic-Con last week and today they have released three new videos which were shown at that event.

The videos show various gameplay for some of the game’s main characters, showing some of the environments, combat, enemies and how the game storyline connects between all three main stories.


Resident Evil 6 – San Diego Comic-Con 2012 trailer.

Resident Evil 6 – Leon San Diego Comic-Con.

Resident Evil 6 – Chris Redfield San Diego Comic-Con.

Resident Evil 6 – Jake San Diego Comic-Con.

People who have seen or played the recent Resident Evil 6 demo that players got included with the Dragon Dogma will know roughly what and how the game is played through three main stories. They will also know how wildly different all three stories play in mood and game play style.

I am still looking forward to Resident Evil 6 after not playing the series since Resident Evil 4.

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