Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam DLC Coming Soon

Paradox Interactive will soon allow players to be able to play as the Muslim rulers in its upcoming DLC “Sword of Islam” for Crusader Kings II.

Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam and patch 1.06 are scheduled to be release in June. Sword of Islam DLC will be cost $9.99.

From paradoxplaza: “The DLC will release at the same time as the next hefty patch which adds new features to the game, such as an expansion of the map into Mali-Songhay, differentiation on strong and weak claims, new plot, expanded combat and more.

Sword of Islam enables players to rule as the Muslim lords, delivering a wealth of specific new mechanics distinctive to these rulers, creating a whole new gameplay experience. Laws, marriage, holding, traits , titles and more will work completely differently.”

I am glad they are adding this DLC to the game because it goods to see the other side of the fighting etc. To be honest they could have added it into the original game release and it would have been a better game for it. However then they wouldn’t be able to release it as DLC so swings and roundabouts.

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