Good Old Games Relaunches as

DRM free digital site is no longer known as Good Old Games. From now on it will only be known as There front page has been redesigned, they will add three games a week instead of two, improved downloader. They hae also added The Whispered World, Trine, and soon Machinarium, Darwinia and Spacechem. they are also taking orders for  Master type game Legend Of Grimrock.

GOG is now aiming to compete with the bigger market players such as Steam and Gamersgate with them adding newer games. with them removing the word “Old” from their orignal name shows their intention to sell newer games. They will be sticking to their previous policy of no regional pricing, and no DRM. So it be interesting to see a lot newer games, ones that would be available on other sites like Steam but with no DRM.

Also there’s a new price for some newer games such as The Whispered World costing $14.99 ($19.99 on Steam). The new site has a bunch of new features such as new extras and patches. So in all it seems like a good time to be part of GoG with classic games like Neverwinter Nights and new ones like Trine, you get the best of both worlds. Eat that Steam.

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