Syndicate Game Guide #Part 02 Cyborg Cryo Modifications

Various cyborg cryo modifications for your agents.

With Syndicate being released on GoG I thought I should do a guide for the game. It will be done in parts. This is #Part 02 Cyborg Cryo Modifications.

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  • Version 1 Modifications [VR1]
  • Version 2 Modifications [VR2]
  • Version 3 Modifications [VR3]

Modifying your agents in the cryo chamber can be costly but it can offer such benefits as faster movement, quicker response times, better accuracy, higher carrying capacity and improved armour. The various modifications for the agents are detailed below along with what it looks like in the game.

Version 1 Modifications [VR1]

Version 1 Cyborg mods.

Legs V1

Cost: 6000

Description: Replacement metal legs. Servo assisted hydraulics allow quicker movement.

Arms V1

Cost: 5000

Description: Replacement metal arms. Servo assisted hydraulics allow the carrying of heavier items.

Chest V1

Cost: 8000

Description: Metal chest cage. All internal organs are shielded by heavy metal casing.

Heart V1

Cost: 4500

Description: Heart stimulator. Monitors and maintains the heart rate of the individual.

Eyes V1

Cost: 4500

Description: Vision enhancer with limited zoom facility. Allows near perfect sight even at night.

Brain V1

Cost: 4500

Description: Neural enhancer that speed up brain stem response time.

Version 2 Modifications [VR2]

Version 2 Cyborg mods.

Legs V2

Cost: 30000

Description: Plasteel legs. Lighter and tougher than metal legs. Enhanced hydraulic system and balance control.

Arms V2

Cost: 25000

Description: Plasteel arms. Lighter and tougher than metal arms. Enhanced hydraulic system and pressure control.

Chest V2

Cost: 40000

Description: Plasteel chest cage. Lighter and tougher than the metal version with better mobility.

Heart V2

Cost: 22500

Description: Heart accelerator and monitor. Heart rate is almost doubled allowing the quicker distribution of hormones.

Eyes V2

Cost: 22500

Description: Enhanced model of the V1 incorporating a target acquisition facility and range finder.

Brain V2

Cost: 22500

Description: Neuro CNS device that intercepts most low level functions leaving the brain free to deal with high end decisions.

Version 3 Modifications [VR3]

Version 3 Cyborg mods.

Legs V3

Cost: 60000

Description: Cybermesh legs. Plasteel core with synthetic muscle fibre. Superb reponse and balance coupled with high speed.

Arms V3

Cost: 50000

Description: Cybermesh arms. Plasteel core with synthetic muscle fibre. Excellent tactile control and weight loading.

Chest V3

Cost: 80000

Description: Cybermesh chest cage with power shielding. All internal organs are shielded by a low power field generator.

Heart V3

Cost: 42500

Description: Cybernetic heart. Powerful pump with in built system analysis and override facilities. Triples output of a standard human heart.

Eyes V3

Cost: 42500

Description: Latest neurocybernetic implants. Gives perfect night vision with the air of targeters, range finders and threat identifier.

Brain V3

Cost: 42500

Description: Cerebral multiplier connected to a compunet giving access to a mass of tactical info. Adapted from the military version.

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