New Spider-man Game Revealed Soon

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout...

Apparently we’ll see a new Spider-man game which will likely build on the success of Shattered Dimensions. More will be revealed at WonderCon in April.

Shattered Dimensions developer Beenox will be giving a presentation that will include information, screenshots and videos for the studio’s new Spider-man game. They will also look back at Shattered Dimensions and discuss what they have learned from making that game. 

Presentation official details: 

Marvel, Activision, and acclaimed developer Beenox are headed to WonderCon with all-new Spider-Man video game content! First, take a tour with Beenox down memory lane of the award-winning ‘Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions,’ and discuss their post-launch reactions and what key learnings from the fans they are applying to future games. Next, be the first to check out exclusive details, screenshots and videos of the next Spider-Man game, with game development talent from Beenox, acclaimed Marvel writer Peter David (co-creator of ‘Spider-Man 2099’), voiceover talent Josh Keaton (voice of ‘Spider-Man in The Spectacular Spider-Man’ and ‘Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions’) and Marvel’s VP of games production, TQ Jefferson.
I didn’t get round to playing Shattered Dimensions, but its meant to be one of the best Spidey video games in a long time. I’m expecting a lot of similar things from their earlier games. I still remember the classic Spider-man PlayStation 1 games. Anyone else still remember those?