EA and Ubisoft Getting Rid of Video Game Manuals

Video game manual massacre.

I’m sure a lot of people have noticed that game manual have been shrinking a lot lately. Of course this isn’t true for all game manuals but it’s happening a lot now a days. Ubisoft and Electronic Arts are getting rid of paper based manuals completely for all upcoming retail-based games.

The decision to do this isn’t apparently do with money but to try to be more environmentally friendly. EA and Ubisoft are now going green. I can think of many other ways they could be green to be honest. Anyway EA’s Mass Effect 2 on PlayStation 3 and Fight Night Champion were the first two games to ship without a paper manual under this new policy.

You’ll still be able to get access to EA manuals. All game manuals will be included on EA video game discs or you’ll can download the manual from the official Electronic Arts web site and then print it out. Which kind of defeats the whole point.

EA will also start using reduced material DVD cases. EA estimates that it can reduce the material in its packaging by 40% overall. With EA being one of the richest video game publishers in the industry it kind of seems like their being stingy than trying to save the planet. You decide.