Bioshock Infinite Screenshots

"Anarchists Loose!?" Thanks I'm out of here then, no time to read more.

BioShock Infinite is not a direct sequel or prequel to previous BioShock games, taking place at a previous time and different setting, though features similar gameplay concepts from these games. The player controls a former Pinkerton agent, Booker DeWitt, as he attempts to rescue a woman trapped aboard the collapsing air-city Columbia in 1912. Like Rapture, Columbia is considered a failed utopia, but with signs present suggesting a theocratic government taking control at some point.

These are some of the screenshots available for the game so far. I am liking the change of setting and the bright out-door sun, it makes a stark contrast from the previous games. I am also interested in seeing more about the new direction they are going with this latest Bioshock game.

Worship a new god like leader or pay the price.
I don't have a bottle opener sorry old man.
"All aboard!"
You are going to want to be careful their old man.
"I can fly!"
Err that gun has no hole in it, what you gonna do poke me to death?
You should put your head back, it stops the bleeding.
"The Force is strong with this one."