Nathan Hale Is Dead

R.I.P (Rest In Pieces)

The latest issue of Game Informer has confirmed that Resistance 2′s hero, Nathan Hale is indeed dead. He was infected with the Chimeran virus and hence left Joseph Capelli no choice but to kill him. To prevent Hale from becoming one of those which he fought all his life. This means Hale will deffinetly not be present in Resistance 3 either as a human or a Chimera.

Hale’s Last Moments

Hale then turned to face Capelli – revealing he had finally been overcame by the virus. Hale, his voice consumed with an un-natural radiance, quoted the same words Daedalus spoke to him during their first encounter: “Can you hear them. They are calling to us. It’s beautiful.” Capelli immediately pulled out his pistol, and telling Hale to stay back from approaching him. Hale finished his statement to Capelli, stating “this is just the beginning.” Contrary to his earlier hostility, Capelli solemnly apologized, saying “Forgive me, sir. It was an honor” and very reluctantly, executed Hale with a gunshot to the head.

One thought on “Nathan Hale Is Dead

  1. I’m not getting Resistance 3 because he died, I don’t like it when heroes die, And this isn’t any Hero.

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