Medal of Honor: Objectives and Tactics

Shaikot Mountains Map

A helicopter has crashed somewhere in the Shahikot mountains. These snow covered mountain peaks, called The Valley of the Kings in the local tongue, has been a rebel hiding place since ancient times. Python 1 is inserted to investigate and look for survivors in these eerie surroundings. As they embark from their helicopter they hear the first crackling sound of a sniper rifle roll between the steep mountain sides.

Objectives on Shahikot Mountains:

  • Neutralize chopper wreck.
  • Neutralize ammo depot.
  • Assault stronghold.
  • Destroy mortar station.
  • Neutralize anti-aircraft gun.

Tactics on Shahikot Mountains:


  • Take control of the high points and make sure to cover your advance with smoke grenades.
  • There will be many OPFOR snipers waiting to take you out so laying suppressing fire while advancing is a must.
  • The key to break through the chokepoints are smoke grenades with consistent rushing from cover to cover while taking out any snipers in the hills.


  • The coalition will try to come from all directions to get an advantage, make sure to find a good spot where you can see them first to take them out.
  • Rushing the coalition forces is not recommended since they will come in groups and can spawn near friendly units.
  • Take advantage of the choke points on the level to create a barrier that the coalition need to break through.

Kunar Base Map

The sector designated N2KL along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border is teeming with violent activity. A coalition forward operating base comes under attack as OPFOR mount an aggressive assault. The remote hill top is slowly covered in smoke from constant artillery strikes as soldiers huddle in the maze like trenches.

Tactics on Sector Control:

  • In sector control you need to control at least 2 of the 3 sectors to take control of the map so this is your first objective.
  • When you have secured a sector try to cover it from a distance instead of standing at it where you can be struck with grenades or a mortar strike!
  • Make sure to take advantage of the few high points that exist on this level such as the towers and roof tops.
  • Sneaking through the barracks while clearing the rooms with a hand grenade is a great way to get around and ambush the enemy forces.