Street Fighter IV Inspired Mega Man Sprites

I found these a while back somewhere on the internet, I can’t remember where. These are not done by me but I have changed the background colour and added the numbers on the side in case anyone wants to guess each of the characters. I havent played Street Fighter IV so I don’t know some of the new characters myself.

Megaman (NES) Review

Megaman is a fun but hard side scroller. It stars a person in a blue robot type suit who acquires new weapons from the bosses he defeats.

Like a few other games you can choose in which order you want to play each of its different seven stages. Each stage is based on a boss character, so Iceman stage will have ice and snow etc. There is Fireman, Iceman, Bombman, Gutsman, Cutman, and Elecman stages. The names in Megaman are always lame but I guess that’s the point. I remember Megaman actually being called Rockman some where but I might be imaging that. The stages are well designed with different enemies and enviroments depending on which one you have selected.

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