PlayStation VR2 is Now Available

It is hard to get good PlayStation VR2 images.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released PlayStation VR2, their new virtual reality (VR) headset for the PlayStation 5.

Anyone who has seen the previous iteration of the PlayStation VR will know what to expect. It will play similar games as before but feature a lot of new releases. Most of these games are available on rival virtual reality headsets. Despite this, Sony has probably the best-designed headset in terms of comfort and ergonomics. The screen display is also a lot clearer than in the past.

There are about thirty games available for the headset on launch: The Last Clockwinder, Resident Evil Village, Moss, Moss: Book II, Rez Infinite, Horizon: Call of the Mountain, and Gran Turismo 7 being the most memorable.

If Sony could make the headset wireless and less expensive, they would have a winner. Except PlayStation VR2 costs a lot and can’t be wireless as it would likely look and feel wretched.

You can see the list of the games here: Entertainment Out This Week: PlayStation VR2 Edition (20/02/23).

I have also written down a review here: PlayStation VR2 Review.

I thought VR was dead a few years back, but it doesn’t want to die. Remember when 3D films were all the range? 3D films and VR are still not where they should be if they want to be fun.

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