Gears Tactics is Available

Jack will always be there for you.

Splash Damage, The Coalition, and Xbox Game Studios yesterday released Gears Tactics on Xbox. The game has been playable on PC since April but the new release features new units, enemies, and much more to coincide with the release of Xbox Series S and X.

Gears Tactics does what Guerrilla Games did with Killzone: Liberation in that they took a mostly action game and turned it into a top-down strategy game. It turns out that this is a good idea and has been successfully done for Killzone, Medal of Honour, Halo, and now Gears of War.

The game unsurprisingly looks a lot like a Gears of War game but what is surprising is that they managed to keep the feel of those games. Each character has only three actions each but the use of cover and the weapons available is straight out of Gears. While if you are not a fan of Gears or strategy games may not have much fun, I would still recommend you try it out if you are one of them.

The game on console suffers a bit when using a controller, as it’s not as fast as a mouse and keyboard. However, you will quickly get comfortable with the buttons after a while.

If you care about Gears 5 you might want to play the tutorial just so you can get Gabriel “Gabe” Diaz in multiplayer (17th November) for free. Also if you play the game before 4th December you will get the Thrashball Cole Character Pack for free.

If you have Xbox Game Pass the game is worth playing through and if you started it on PC you can now carry the same save onto console. You might want to start a new campaign to get Jack though. If you like playing in Ironman mode Jack makes it more manageable by offering more choices.

The biggest knock against the game is the price, it costs between £49.99 to £54.99. It’s almost like they want people to pay for Game Pass instead.