E3 2019: Konami is Making a “Special Announcement”

It would make sense to port some of their old collections to modern platforms.

A slot has been added to Twitch’s coverage of E3 2019. The section is dedicated to a “special announcement” that will be made from Konami at this years E3.

The announcement will take place at 5:30pm PDT on 11th June and at 1:30am BST on 12th June. I don’t know what the announcement will be but Konami have really taken a dive in the gaming industry in recent years. While Konami still holds many memorable franchise they seem happy to make arcade machines, football games, and anniversary editions of their old games.

It be cool to see a new Metal Gear or Silent Hill game (I recently posted Good Game: Silent Hill 2: Director’s Cut) but I am guessing its more likely to be a port of one of those Metal Gear Solid HD collections to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. I wouldn’t be shocked if they announce something like a new Bloody Roar that will feature tons of micro-transactions. Despite this, it really would be exciting if they announce that they are making something new or maybe a console?

At this point however, I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce their retirement from the traditional video gaming market and just going to concentrate on gambling machines. It is making them a fortune so far.

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