Good Game: Cannon Fodder 2 (AMIGA)

Another Good Game

Today its Cannon Fodder 2 (Cannon Fodder 2: Once More unto the Breach) a 1994 action-strategy shoot ’em up game developed by Sensible Software and published by Virgin Interactive for the Amiga. The game is the sequel to Cannon Fodder, a successful game released for multiple platforms in 1993.

The game is a combination of action and strategy involving a small number of soldiers battling through a time-travel scenario. The protagonists are heavily outnumbered and easily killed. The player must rely on strategy and heavy secondary weapons to overcome enemies, their vehicles and installations.

The game retained the mechanics and gameplay of its predecessor but introduced new levels, settings and graphics. Former journalist Stuart Campbell designed the game’s levels, making them harder and more tactically demanding, as well as introducing a multitude of pop culture references in the level titles. The development of the game’s plot was hampered by budget constraints and the resulting lack of explanation confused reviewers. Critics enjoyed the gameplay retained from the original Cannon Fodder but were disappointed at the lack of new mechanics or weapons, comparing the game to a data disk. Reviewers praised the game’s level design, though less so those of its alien planet. Critics gave Cannon Fodder 2 positive reviews but lower scores than its predecessor and gave mixed criticism of the new theme music and increased difficulty.

Watch the video I made below showing about the first 26 minutes of the game.


Cannon Fodder 2 Gameplay.

Developer: Sensible Software.
Publisher: Virgin Interactive.
Platform: Amiga.
Release: November 1994 (WW).
Genre: Action, Shoot ’em up, Shooter.