Good Game: PaRappa the Rapper (PS)

A Good Game a day for the rest of time perhaps?

Today it’s PaRappa the Rapper a 1997 rhythm video game developed by NanaOn-Sha and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation (PS). The game was ported to the PlayStation Portable in 2006 and a remastered version was released for the PlayStation 4 in 2017.

The game was created by music producer Masaya Matsuura in collaboration with artist Rodney Greenblat, the game features unique visual design and rap-based gameplay and is considered to be one of the first modern rhythm games.

The game spawned two follow-up titles; a guitar-based spin-off titled Um Jammer Lammy, released in 1999 for the PlayStation, and a direct sequel, PaRappa the Rapper 2, released for the PlayStation 2 in 2001. A television anime series based on the games aired in Japan between April 2001 and January 2002, with a short spin-off series airing from October 2016.

Watch the video I made below showing about the first 25 minutes of the game.


PaRappa the Rapper Gameplay.

Developer: NanaOn-Sha.
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment.
Platform: PlayStation.
Release : 6th December 1996 (JP) 26th September 1997 (EU), 17 November 1997 (NA).
Genre: Rhythm.