What to Watch (24/03/15): Giant Bomb Quicklook Live with Bloodborne. Also Related Soul Videos

A Bloodborne Video Feature.
A Giant Bomb Bloodborne Video Feature.

Over on Giant Bomb (here) at 6.00pm (UK) the team will be doing a live Quicklook of Bloodborne (PlayStation 4). I doubt it will be just Vinny and Mathew playing it but expect it be to be entertaining and informative none of the less with Brad and co.

Giant Bomb were one of the first to start doing impression videos for video games, now everyone on YouTube and other gaming sites do the same. Live Quicklooks are rarer but Giant Bomb have done a few in the past and are normally worth watching, they are also usually longer than a normal Quicklook.

You can watch Giant Bomb’s previous Soul game Quicklooks and quick story trailer for Bloodborne below.


Quick Look: Demon’s Souls (PlayStation 3).

Quick Look: Dark Souls (PlayStation 3).

Quick Look: Dark Souls II (Xbox 360).

Quick Look: Dark Souls II (PC).

Bloodborne Official Story Trailer.

Bloodborne is developed by From Software and published by Sony Computer Entertainment and is an exclusive for the PlayStation 4, similar to Demon’s Souls on the PlayStation 3 don’t expect it to come to any other console or PC anytime soon, or even ever.

Bloodborne is very similar in gameplay and style to previous Soul games so if you didn’t like the previous games in the franchise then you will probably not like Bloodborne either. It is however not connected in any way to previous Soul games but plays very similar but with guns and less armour.

The gaming press are going nuts over Bloodborne and it currently holds a score of 93 on Metacritic but watch the Giant Bomb Live Quicklook before deciding to buy it.

Bloodborne comes out on the 24th March in North America, 25th in Europe, 26th in Japan and the 27th March in the UK.

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