High Definition Yakuza 1 and 2 Coming to Japan

Still amazing today.

Famitsu has recently confirmed that a High definition edition of Yakuza 1 and 2 is coming soon to PlayStation 3 in Japan. The magazine lists the HD remake of these PlayStation 2 Yakuza games for a 1st November release at a price of ¥5,290 (£43, should be cheaper).

In addition to a higher graphical fidelity with HD visuals, Sega has made some minor improvements to the original games. Load times have been reduced (which would be expected anyway). You can also now manage your item box at a phone booth and food you’ve eaten at least once will now have a tick shown on menus which will likely be required for some sort of trophy.

Teh people who pre-order the game will get their games themed around the orignal PlayStation 2 game packaging. You will get a clear file showing the original packaging of the two games and some fake packaging remaking the original packaging in a style of a PlayStation 3 game.

Expect an official unveiling tomorrow by Sega tomorrow and an eventual release of the Yakuza HD remake in a shop near you soon.


Old Yakuza 2 Trailer from 2008. How times change.

Out of the whole Yakuza series I have only played Yakuza 2 and that was quite recently. I bought a copy cheaply online and played through it. It was great even for a quite old game. A HD remake should only make it better seeing as the games later in the series are basically the same game with better graphics. I am looking forward to it even I will not be able to play it.

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