Official Dungeon Defenders Community Challenges

Train your heroes for the difficult challenges ahead.

Trendy Entertainment have started new community challenges exclusively for console Dungeon Defender players. These events last from now until the end of the year 2011.

Play these new game modes with the developers and have a chance of winning Ultra-Rare, Unique Items! You will need to message TRENDYENT1, TRENDYENT2 and TRENDYENT 3 from 06:00 – 10:00pm EST (11:00pm – 03:00am GMT) on the night of the event.

Event details below.

For example to take place in Monster Madness on XBLA, message all three TRENDYENT names on the 10th November from 06:00pm EST.

  • XBLA = Xbox Live Arcade
  • PSN = PlayStation Network

XBLA – PSN – Challenge Description:

11/03 – 11/04 – Paper Towers

Beat servant Quarters on Hard with 1% health towers.

11/10 – 11/11 – Monster Madness

Beat Monster Fest on Hard with only your towers

11/17 – 11/18 – Spaced

Beat Royal Gardens on Hard with low gravity enabled.

12/1 – 12/2 – Beefcake Festival

Beat Alchemical Lab and a much harder Demon boss.

12/9 – 12/8 – Kill all Enemies!

Defeat massive amounts of enemies on Spires at break neck speeds.

12/16 – 12/15 – All Brawn, No Brain

Beat Ogre Crush on Insane with no towers.

12/23 – 12/22 – Dome of Thunder

Hall of Heroes… But if you die all of your equipment is dropped.

12/29 – 12/30 – None Shall Pass

Beat Armory on Hard with low health cores & heroes. One hit, game over.

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