Taking Painkillers to the Max. Max Payne 3 Information

Where's Mona?

Some recent information has arrived about Max Payne 3. The latest EDGE magazine has a feature about it. I’m going to highlight some interesting points below but if you want to find out more it be a good idea to buy a copy of EDGE.

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As I’m sure people have noticed in pictures released for the game, Max Payne is now in São Paulo, Brazil and in bad shape. He’s losing hes hair, fat, retired from the New York police department, and working for the likes of politicians. Similar to how Max Payne 1 and Max Payne 2 featured flashbacks Max Payne 3 will do the same. These flash backs will show the player what has happened since the previous game. This will allow the player to see how Max Payne got to where he is now. This will mean you will get  the chance to be Max Payne when he still had hair.

The trade mark bullet time will still feature heavily along with the familiar bullet-cam which will provide flashy endings for fight sequences. Max Payne will still be able to dive and jump about while in bullet time. While doing this he will be able to carry and switch between three weapons quickly to keep up the fire power.

Painkillers will still be used to restore health and apparently the game will be less corridor shooter based and more linear, set piece oriented to keep the action focused.

At the moment Max Payne 3 is still staying close to what made the previous games good but it seems they are going to try a few new things to keep it interesting. I also like that they are keeping the story related to what happened in Max Payne 1 and 2 and not making a spin-off. It all sounds pretty promising so far.