My Game Memories #1 Resident Evil (PS1)


Everyone who plays games, watches film or even reads books have specific memories that stick with them. These are my gaming memories starting with Resident Evil (PS1) which is also seen in the Resident Evil (GC) remake. Instead of explaining the whole game this will just be a certain moment that still stays with me.


A series of bizarre murders have occurred on the outskirts of Raccoon City, with signs of cannibalism on the victims’ remains. The Raccoon Police Department’s Special Tactics And Rescue Service (STARS) are assigned to investigate the murders. STARS is divided into two teams: Alpha and Bravo. Bravo team is sent first, but after contact with them is lost, Alpha team is sent to investigate their disappearance.

The game begins on July 24, 1998 after Alpha team locates Bravo team’s helicopter, but there are no signs of survivors; only a severed hand is found. While searching the area for further clues, Alpha team is attacked by ferocious dogs, one of which kills one of the team’s members, Joseph Frost. Alpha’s helicopter pilot, Brad Vickers, takes off and abandons the team. Pursued by the dogs who killed their colleague, Alpha team is forced to seek refuge within a nearby mansion, believed to be abandoned.

With the dogs roaming outside, the four remaining Alpha team members (Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, Barry Burton and Jill Valentine) are trapped within. A gunshot rings out, and the player character moves to investigate. At this point, the player takes control of the character and begins to explore the mansion.

My Gaming Moment

Poor Kenneth… What you looking at acid face?

Near the start of the game you find a member of Bravo team, Kenneth J. Sullivan, being eaten by a zombie. The first Zombie you see and not the last you will see in the game.

When I first saw this you don’t know its a zombie until it turns its head this is shown in a cut scene. The reason this was scary back then was at the start of the game you’re not quite sure whats happening. You think you would see more humans about after arriving at the quite well look after abandoned mansion. To see a person getting eating by another person is scary in it self and the fact that you can’t fight back when it comes after you means you got to run back for help like a pussy where the zombie then eats some lead. It all goes to hell in a hand basket for the team after that. The fact it was scary is maybe because Resident Evil was unique in its gameplay mechanics, story telling and atmosphere. There wasnt many horror games like Resident Evil at the time.

Several years later when I had a GameCube I remember playing Resident Evil the remake and this scene and the rest of the game is greatly improved. The fact that now I was older and this scene and the rest of the game managed to be even more scarier than it was originally shows how great a job Capcom did. I never did complete it on the PlayStation 1. On the GameCube I didn’t complete it either because I couldn’t play it for long periods. I loved Resident Evil 4 and complete that about 5 times but it wasnt scary in the same way. Maybe Resident Evil and its prequel on the GameCube is still the pinnacle of the series in terms of atmosphere and story.

Special mention

I wonder how much they got paid for this.

The intro and extro in the original game with the actors I think was and is great. Its cheesy but it sets the mood and the actors suited the characters. I would go as far to say these scenes are better than the Resident Evil movie because its more true to the game and felt believable. Also the announcer sounds like the person from the Tekken games so that’s cool.

Join me next time for a stroll down my memory lane.

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  1. This was one of my first gaming memories as well (post-NES anyway). RE1 was a hard game to finish back then for me as well. Honestly it was too scary at the time and I discovered FFVII…so that took over my life for awhile.
    Great work on the post, keep up the good work, and you should definitely go back and finish RE1!

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