Badger Chainsaw and Postal III

The badger or what I call it the badger chainsaw is a weapon in Postal III. The postal series is only famous because of the controversy they have caused. I don’t like them because the gameplay is whats important and their average at best. A new Postal game is coming out sometime, I don’t know when. It’s like Duke Nukem its been in development for years but unlike Duke Nukem they havent gave up on it yet.

The game is good if you don’t expect much from it and just want to have a laugh at other people’s expense. One of the missions you have to kill all the Talibans which is stupid because Taliban doesn’t need a ‘s’ on the end I think. Killing Taliban and making fun of them is an easy target for a joke. Also the Taliban and Al-Qaeda aren’t the same thing so why in one of the videos is Osama bin Laden with the ‘Talibans’ as they call it. Anyway whatever.

The badger chainsaw is classic thought, pretty original that’s the only good thing.