Death Stranding Trailer and Release Date

Hideo Kojima’s remake of Die Hard was an interesting take on christmas.

Death Stranding the upcoming game by Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions’ was livestreamed for about twenty-four hours and after that amount of time not much new information was revealed about the game, which at this point has remained mainly unknown.

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Mordhau are Banning Players [Updated!]

Look at this jumbled mess. It’s like being Terminator but lame.

One of the people involved announced recently on the Mordhau Steam forums that the developers Triternion are banning players they believe are “using 3rd party cheat software at any time since release”. Some players have already started complaining of being unfairly banned.

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Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil, and Resident Evil 4 are Now Available and Expensive (Switch)

Leon S. Kennedy doesn’t see impressed about this but he never seems to be overcome by anything.

Three of Capcom games that defined the GameCube are now available to buy on the Nintendo eShop. Resident Evil; the remake of the original game, Resident Evil Zero; a prequel using similar GameCube technology, and Resident Evil 4; the game that helped define the future of the Resident Evil games and the industry for decades, are all available now on the Nintendo Switch.

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