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Grantaburg is a world I am creating and currently writing about for a book. Grantaburg takes place in the university city of Grantaburg, England in the year 2049.

In Grantaburg I wanted to create a world that is a mix between the future and now. If you lived there today you may not notice much difference and will likely take the things around you for granted.

I didn’t want to fall into traditional science fiction tropes, so I have looked into future predictions to work out how Grantaburg would be like.

Grantaburg is owned by the University of Grantaburg, who decides what can be built on their land. The various wards that make up the town range from poverty-ridden, to wealthy bohemian paradises.

In Grantaburg politicians are more likely to care about their own interests than their constituents. It’s also where a company like the Sentinel ADG is crucial for job security, despite dealing with questionable, and morally grey practices.

It isn’t all doom and gloom, people are living longer than ever, have more choice in what they do, and receive a basic income. Plus the population is now reaping the benefits of AI and advanced robotics, which are finally starting to look like the visions made in the past.

The goal of Grantaburg was to provide a setting to tell stories. These follow the inhabitants of the city as they go about their normal lives, and how sometimes even the most mundane situations can be the most interesting.

Grantaburg isn’t a wet and neon-lit dystopian nightmare, but an ordinary and corrupt bureaucrat’s dream.

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